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Ask yourself this question: When do we typically celebrate exploration? Of any kind. If we’re being honest, the answer is at the end. When the results are obvious, hypotheticals have turned into realities and the dreams of what if, transform into the certainties of things that just are. In Nicole Mann’s case, we can’t simply give her her flowers for this part of her journey. We have to put respect on what it took to even start. As the first Native American woman to navigate a space exploration trip, she has made history. But this history doesn’t happen if Nicole’s not driven enough to see herself in spaces someone like her has ever been seen. Raised in the ways of the forewomen before her, fiercely facing challenges and obstacles fueled perhaps her greatest attribute that lies in all of us: curiosity.  Through every step, she remains curious enough to boldly seek out answers through non-traditional paths. And grounded enough to honor the traditions of her people, only to make new ones. Nicole’s dreams have caught the attention of her people and all who are curious. And now there’s a new realm of possibilities for others to build on. Let Nicole’s journey speak to all of us. And remind us to never ignore our inner senses of inquiry. Cherish your curiosity. Honor your curiosity. And above all – explore your curiosity. 

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